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Our product branding team in Charlotte, NC, can create the most amazing designs for your merchandise like cups, shirts, hats, pens, etc. You can distribute them among your employees or make goodie bags for your customers. We can create artwork and accurate measurements for printing. We take your specs into account for color printing and precise alignment, so you don’t have to worry at all. We can also print them for you if necessary.

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Product Branding

Have our Charlotte Product Branding team set-up company shirts, cups, hats, pens, etc. to all their employees. We create the artwork and measurements for the printer to go by, setting the specs to assure precise alignment and color printing. Have us customize an invoice for your unique printing request.

Throughout the years of working within the product-branding NC industry. New York, Connecticut, upstate New York, Concord, North Carolina and Del Ray Beach, and Florida, we have noticed that product-branding was one of our strengths. We enjoy creating two-dimensional replicas for the printers to go by right down to the finest detail, within our Adobe mechanical digital Artwork Illustrator files. We spec for printers to print on: bottles making perfumes a reality, beverage bottles for liquid. The artwork for those drink koozies (get your beer here) when on a boat, at the game or on the beach.

Here at Bellion Design, we aim to create uniqueness, since everything has been done before. We’re constantly searching for the new ideas and with your help when filling out the anticipated design form, that time that we save can effectively go into a winning piece of artwork that sets your business apart, giving you the upper hand!

We have worked with product branding in the NC industry for years like New York, Connecticut, Upstate New York, Concord, North Carolina, Del Ray Beach, and Florida. Product branding is one of our biggest strengths and we truly enjoy create 2D replicas for printing down to the finest details. We worked with Adobe mechanical digital Artwork Illustrator files and create accurate specs for anything you need!

We research on new ideas and work with your branding guidelines so that you have a winning product branding design. You will be able to stand above the competition and attract customers.

We can work with different languages and use HD photography for the best quality of print. We also give you plenty of choices; our experienced designers create five stunning concepts you can use. From there, we refine two designs before the design. We work tirelessly with your critique and input so that you have a design you are happy with.

Our team of product branding designers will provide five creative concepts for critique via our websites live chat, business phone, in person, or email with image attachments. Your team member at Bellion Design, South Charlotte will then refine the branding designs down to two final choices. Since we’re designing with your input, along with our experience and design sense from over the years. We will then refine your chosen product branding design into a one-of-a-kind product branding.

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