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The lake is cluster flawed in that the road wrapping around it has not even been completed as of yet. There needs to be about 200 feet of dirt added along the busy area added for Atlantic City style shops and Boardwalks to take place. At the moment our design business is not where it should be which is South Blvd Charlotte servicing all the hard working businesses in the area. For now we have our sites set on the beautiful up-and-coming town of Waxhaw since Charlottes suburbs and things like horse back riding trails are on the young business crowd to do list in Charlotte.

If the people of Waxhaw get their way and demand some sort of Giant lake creating a community meeting center mixed in with the new efforts of business structures in the old town, then the city of Waxhaw would be the finest city in the suburbs of charlotte in the way of laid back mid-size businesses surrounding the new lake the size of Cane Creek and Golf Course where fireworks and all sorts of outdoor events can take place in a feeling of peace. We feel the wave of commerce is heading right to Waxhaw, so keeping a staff of seven people and myself should be fine since the area is rapidly growing with medium sized business from all over the country.

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