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Our South Charlotte Advertising Design company focuses on your business’s unique selling proposition. First of all, this is the feature that will entice readers to become extremely interested. We can achieve this through the use of bold call to actions, creative sales copy, and stylish graphic elements. Your niche audience will easily identify your advertising campaign with your new thriving business. Interesting enough advertising is found in everything from packaging, catalogs, tv commercials, brochures, flyers, and electric Starbucks mugs. Bellion Design looks forward to designing and presenting five creative concepts that find – that is so appropriate, and interesting, and funny.

Design Process

Bellion Design has two decades of experience to provide and implement. We look forward to meeting with you in person, or via our chat feature on the website. The chat could be improved giving designers the ability to drag and drop edits while chatting. We will most certainly keep that platform on the Bellion Design radar. Our designers work with Adobe Illustrator on the top part and photoshop on the bottom. As a result, we seek your art direction while turning it up a notch or two with our years of experience. Stock photography runs $50 for 5 premium quality images. Say you own a campsite, these images can be blended together on ad backgrounds. Consequently making up thumbnail images of just say people hiking, canoeing, and bar-b-cueing.


We welcome advertising design within the social sites as well. We all know how important Facebook and other platforms have become. So with that said the advertising portion has become extremely lucrative as well for promoting products. These Facebook ad campaigns are only promoting one image really when it’s created within their ad network. These ad requests are usually seasonal when local businesses want to create a Facebook promotion. We will work with you and your special or sale discussing the best direction to go in when crafting your five advertisement directions to consider. These campaigns also have the ability to display say three thumbnail images that when clicked on increase in size to the largest screen sizes of today with total clarity.

Includes: Meeting, Layouts, Tweaks, Comps, Tweaks, Sign-off, 1 Print

For: Print, Publications, Newsletters, Web

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