Product Branding

Product Branding

Product Branding

We Guarantee Great Product Branding

Bellion Design provides Charlotte Product Branding that easily distinguishes your brand from the competition. Have our staff set up your brand graphics onto golfing hats, sports teams t-shirts, company pens, graphics for keychains. Companies that have golfing events distribute merchandise like shirts, cups, hats, pens. Trade shows are a great example of product branding when the guy hands you the inexpensive product, if you just say, have a local product like jam and your labels are being added to the products. Have Bellion Design speck-out exactly where those labels are to be located on the product.

Design Process

In Illustrator and Photoshop, we create the artwork and measurements for the printer to go by. We set the specs with all the proper measurements to assure precise alignment and consistency when color printing. Essentially, we are creating a two-dimensional outline drawing of your product’s exterior, placing the logo, tagline and design elements for your approval. Our design mechanicals is properly specked-out displaying every drop of information a printer needs. Your company can handle making it into a blueprint for duplication and design enhancements over time.


Product branding can be embossed and carefully created with highlights. Have our team of designers create five creative concepts regarding placement and design elements for you to choose from. One of our extended capabilities with product branding is the ability to create a 360 HD Video. We can then add this to your websites blog, product pages, Facebook social accounts, along with YouTube. Your products will shine with our mini lighting system for these type of projects.

Includes: Meeting, Layouts, Tweaks, Proofs, Mechanical, Print

Products: Apparel, Planners, Tote, Towel, Tools, Hat, Koozies

Printing: Quote Upon Request

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