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Have our Charlotte Menu Design firm create an iconic menu-graphics that will make your restaurant’s menu classic and unforgettable to your customers. We can incorporate your restaurant’s unique interior style and seating style into your new menus. We will design an appropriate new menu and how it represents the restaurant’s unique style and cuisine. If you think of us all going in this giant local circle, there has to be one restaurant that goes with the extremely effective and humorous restaurant menus; something so good and local that they cannot help but think of it whenever they sit down to have a local dinner.

It is not so much the layout that wins, it is the style added with unique accents like metallics that shine and unique die-cuts. A good place to try Charlotte restaurant menu comedy is up near the track, lake and colleges, a bit North by North West and a smidgen East. We guarantee a more positive atmosphere out there, de-stressing from the L shaped chair week. This new trend is here to stay and with it this way we are guaranteeing more local jobs for Graphic Designers to stay extremely busy and entertained!

Design Process

Menus change direction with your restaurant changing owners, as new upgrades come to pass throughout the years, so they must adapt to the environment. The accents get built into your design when viewing your restaurant’s decor. Something clever and humorous for your local audience and friends is a must and is a great direction to go in. Menus list your entire line-up of dishes and beverages, dinner specials on menu cards. Reservations online are an absolute callout these days with everyone being so busy, even with Tivo around. Restaurant owners try to consider premium printing techniques like embossed metallic stamped logos. Your restaurant menu can become blog posts or shared on social media sites like Facebook.


There are even products on Facebook now where you can book a table, or order and simply pick-it-up. Your new Ballantyne Restaurant Menu will also be available to you in PDF format making sharing it a simple. Without question, you would want to emphasize the share and bookmark features on your restaurant’s website. We are looking forward to meeting you to understand your family roots, heritage, the restaurant’s cuisine’s roots, Italy, China, German and so on, to accurately so you can impress not only you but your mostly Greek or Southern customers, as well.

Includes: Meeting, Layouts, Tweaks, Proofs, Mechanical, Print, Binding, Delivery

Options: Web Conversion, Catering Menu, Drink Specials, Coffee Menu

Sizes: 8 x 9 (2 Panel), 8.5 x 11 (2,3 Panel), 8.5 x 14 (3,4 Panel)
11 x 17 (2,3,4 Panel), 11 x 25.5 (3,4 Panel)

Printing: 12 x 9″

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