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We Guarantee A Great Logo At A Price You Can Afford!

Our Charlotte Logo Design team creates memorable logos that are guaranteed to distinguish your brand. We will present five unique versions for your critique as per our meeting. Next, we will choose one design to sharpen and make a reality. At our presentation, we will convince you with logo prints of your closest competitors. How much you can and have gained with this new business logo with all your new promotional efforts. We achieve results by providing your purchaser’s remembrance when reaching for your brand with the uniqueness of your logo and color choices. The creation of any effective logo goes far beyond using a basic symbol with your business name.


With your help and guidance, we will gain a genuine understanding of your company’s vision, with careful demographic and brand research of your closest competitors. We need to find out from you, at some point if the logo was created quickly without your business’s unique vision branded into it. We also need to know which logos out there really make you feel good. Maybe there’s a styling direction your top five logos out there hold and that we can somehow work that into yours. The band Van Halen’s logo was actually branded into every notebook with a dull pencil. Once we acquire your customer’s confidence, they will reach for your business’ solutions with absolute certainty every time, by remembering your fine logo and products. When you see the Ford commercial’s logos, those are worked-logos with many different Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator line art layers with various styling effects.


So taking it as far away from the guy who printed the sign out there created the logo. The future of logos and business signs is bright. There are lighting designers all around Charlotte just itching to brighten up that logo at night with motion customized colorized lighting. There is also the digital display logo that could make the sign out front come to life with it being linked directly to your I-phone through WordPress very much like Walgreen’s red digital, but with 100% color clarity. We want to try to create for you a logo that can change as a comedian changes in many different environments, making it fun. The logo does not have to stay “sort of boring” in the effort of brand equity in most cases.

Includes: Meeting, 5 Choices, Tweaks, Presentation, Tweaks, Sign-off, Digital Copies

Options: Tweaks to Existing Logo, Style Guide

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