The WordPress platform is preferred by Bellion Design for this simple reason. The ease of creating posts that are connected to all of your blogs subscribers and social networks. These posts SEO keywords are what efficiently grows your websites search engine reach. The array of plugins that WordPress offers your website is staggering. Yoast search engine listings free generator plugin gets the numbers of visitors up by connecting to Bing and Google’s search consoles. This connection shows any errors they see that could lead to lower search results.

The magnetic most inexpensive website from us is great for companies just getting started and looking to expand eventually. With WordPress, the website has the ability to change into the gold website we offer when the time is right with full e-commerce. Includes five designed and SEO optimized pages, and a premium theme that will surely keep you interested. E-commerce through WooCommerce shopping cart and connection to PayPal express gets your business in motion. It also includes five products SEO optimized for Google, Yahoo & Bing. Social connections & blog set-up.