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Have us create a memorable product blister card design for your Charlotte, NC business. Premium printing options are metallic stamped logos or embossed design elements and elegant shapes get cut into the packaging as a graphic design element. Have us customize an invoice for your unique printing request.

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Blister Card Designers

At our first meeting, we will discuss the Charlotte blister card designer’s dimensions. Whether it had a die-line from the printer, or if we need to create it. We will also discuss the packages logo artwork and background image. Our first blister card client mentioned that he would like the background artwork to have a metallic brushed look and for the graphics to be raised and built tight around the products since we had accurate placement marks from the printer of where the products lie.

Clear blister card packaging in Charlotte, NC, is made easy with our custom designs. The printed card features all the product details customers should know to prompt them to buy it. Bellion Design offers you the chance to benefit from tailor-made blister card packaging for retail goods, mobile accessories, electronic gadgets, and more!

Your products will be easily visible and prominent to ensure that they catch the eye of your customers. Such packaging also ensures that it is resistant to tampering while customers make their final decision. Our premium printing services offer embossed design elements and stamped logos.

We then received ups code and text changes via email, and went back and forth a few times with different layouts and changes, adding design elements for price section and colors available. Bellion Design seeks to excel at Blister Packaging throughout the years ahead.

We work with you to confirm dimensions, logo artwork, background images, type of graphics, and more, to ensure you have a design you are completely satisfied with. We keep the product dimensions in mind to make the blister card legible and clear.

We can work with different languages and use HD photography for the best quality of print. We also give you plenty of choices; our blister card designs create five stunning concepts that you can use. From there, we refine two blister card designs before the final copy is ready for publishing. We work tirelessly with your critique and input so that you have an ad you are happy with.

Our team of product blister card designers will provide five creative concepts for critique via our websites live chat, business phone, in person, or email with image attachments. Your team member at Bellion Design, South Charlotte will then refine the blister card designs down to two final choices. Since we’re designing with your input, along with our experience and design sense from over the years. We will then refine your chosen blister card design into a one-of-a-kind blister card design.

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