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Our label designers provide stunning label designs in round, oval, square, and custom shapes. They are printed on adhesive-backed durable materials. We provide amazing labels that can capture your branding essence to attract your customers. These labels also protect your shipping merchandise, and the label rolls are perfect as clear wraps, shiny, and glass stickers. We offer a document trim size of 3.43″ x 1.93″ and a full bleed of Size 3.54″ x 2.05″ that can look absolutely fantastic.

Oval, Horizontal, 2”w x 1”h

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Label Design

Our custom label branding offers full-color imagery, logo, address, and return address. We offer fine labels with an adhesive backing that can peel away easily. The surface has metallic stamping for bronze, silver, and gold highlights to catch the eyes of your customers. The shipping labels have a mobile phone to web-synced UPCS connecting your device, and our app has special offers, re-fills, discounts, and much more.

We work with different languages and use HD photography for the best quality of print. We also give you plenty of choices. Our label designers create five stunning concepts that you can use and then refine them down to two final choices before the final copy of the label is ready for publishing. We work tirelessly with your critique and input so that you have a label you are happy with.

Our team of business label designers will provide five creative concepts for critique. Via our websites live chat, business phone, in person, or email with image attachments. Your team member at Bellion Design, South Charlotte will then refine the label designs down to two final choices. Since we’re designing with your input, along with our experience and design sense from over the years. We will then refine your unique labels design into a one-of-a-kind label design.

Our designers will have you choose from five different label concepts to choose the winning design. Labels can be printed on custom shapes, ovals, round and squares printed on adhesive-backed durable material. Rolls of labels are great for glass, clear wraps and shiny stickers. Business Card Glossy Stickers Document Trim Size 3.43″ x 1.93″ Full Bleed Size 3.54″ x 2.05″. Have us customize an invoice for your unique printing request.

Label Design in Charlotte, NC lots of companies ships their products with custom branding. Full-color shipping labels with address, return address, logo and lifestyle imagery making the basic cardboard box come to life. We welcome all the challenges that arise when approaching a shipping label on steroids! The fine labels we work with have adhesive backing that simply peels away with ease, while the surface has no problem excepting fours and metallic stamping for golden, silver, and bronze highlights.

These shipping labels can also have a mobile phone to web-synced UPCS connecting your device and their app. With special offers, re-fills, discounts, and much more since you purchased their product. These shipping labels are the last stop prior to letting your product go to the consumer or trusted retailer. Why not make them as colorful and interesting as possible with a custom label design from us?

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