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Business product’s catalog for trade shows, mailings, business meetings are places where catalogs show its worth. Creating your website inspired product catalog gives our designers limitless opportunities for various different design elements and techniques. Back and Front all Pages printed with two pages in the middle. Full-Color 70lb. Satin Paper Stock 8.5″ x 11″ Portrait Stapled Folded Binding. Have us customize an invoice for your unique printing request. 12 Page, 8.5 x 11, Premium Glossy.

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Catalog Design

Once Bellion design catalog design Charlotte is in full swing late summer, 2018, our promotional efforts will reach the home improvement section over near the “Sports Complex”. The complex is located northeast off of Highway 74 out in eastern Matthews. This is where building contractors who seek high-end marble for countertops during the building of all these new homes in South Charlotte. We aim to add energy and emotion to their dull catalogs with trendy new design elements. We have a high-end Canon digital camera for any mages that may need to be taken there or out in the field. Catalogs being built “digital” first for your website can easily be transferred into the printing quality version for print as you go short runs.

As you can imagine, the Sports Complex lacks just about everything fun and exciting! I believe the schools have the appropriate field space for soccer and baseball. An idea is to make one per and find the creativity to add: restrictor plate motor cars, mountain biking box racing, and trails, paintball, high diving, sculpted hiking, luge lessons, nighttime zip-lines, that sort of thing, ya know!

Design Process

Our team of product catalog designers will provide five creative concepts for critique via our websites live chat, business phone, in person, or email with image attachments. Your team member at Bellion Design, South Charlotte will then refine the catalog designs down to two final choices. Since we’re designing with your input, along with our experience and design sense from over the years. We will then refine your chosen catalog design into a one-of-a-kind for your enlightened for your local (Comedy), regional (Serious), and major nation-wide audiences (Stoic).

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