Project Description


The Coast-line company of Eastern Long Island is for boaters that seek quality durable rope for their gorgeous yachts. The logo was created in Miller Place in 1995 with art direction by Sal V. the owner of Design Group. The logo was created in Illustrator with simply applying a small rope design to a path for duplication. The company prefers the spelling with the hyphen, even though the spelling is simply coastline to prevent flooding.

I can recall a logo shape research trip in the late eighties my family and I went on to South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan to see the America’s Cup Sailboat arrive at the doc. We were in the large restaurant a few floors up and while the boat was tying up the current drove the sailboat past the ropes controlled cleated position. With all that weight and power of that river the rope snapped and took off a finger of one of the guys tying the boat up.