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We Guarantee A Great Video Design

Have us create a minute and a half promotional, product or service video for your website and YouTube. These slide show templates are from Envato and you could choose from 1.290 of them searching theme vibes. Have us add a popular music MP3 file to get the timing squared away. Then we would have to look on Audio Jungle for something similar to keep the video rocking. We could even animate your WordPress websites logo in Adobe Edge Animation exporting it into the universal GIF format and your video as well. A png logo file plays over the theme usually, or at the beginning or end. These files are easy to update with images and text, but they take a while to compress and export and upload to YouTube. If the 12 images minute and a half is too short we could extend the video by adding in images with simple transitions back into the theme file at various times.

Design Process

We ask for the 12 images to be sent to the Bellion Design email at the 1080 pixels tall x 2500 pixels wide. If 18 golf slides are necessary then we’ll tweak the file appropriately. Have us make any graphic design changes or tweaks to the RGB images in Photoshop and Illustrator. Your videos text is 300 words in total and has 12 headlines. There are also 12 2 sub headline sentences that’s large enough to read easily. We could also change your chosen themes coloring to reflect your brands colors and images. Of course when you browsing Envato for your theme you’ll keep in mind it is being edited in Adobe Premiere. Follow this link to have that all sorted out. These videos are HD and play with clarity and perfect animated rhythm on large TVs and small mobile devices. They can be commented on, liked and shared.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

Adobe Premiere is the video editing program that creates these wonderful slideshows for your new South Charlotte business. The templates are 4 Gigabyte quicktime movies that play with absolute HD quality on small devices up to large televisions. YouTube lets you add a valuable keyword title and keywords into the description of the video making your video popular among many searches. You could even add links to your website in your YouTube video acting as important SEO optimization backlinks. We suggest you take a look at all your imagery and think about your overall theme. Then apply that to when choosing your projects animated theme for us to edit into a wonderful presentation for visitors on Youtube and your website.

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Templates: Visit Envato To Browse And Select From 1,690 Adobe Premier Templates